FPH Academic and Research Committee

The Academic & Research Committee (ARC) is the voice of the academic public health community. It is our role to support a strong academic workforce to produce high quality evidence that can be used to inform policy and widen our understanding of public health issues and interventions. Our quarterly meetings provide a central forum for academics from across the country to come together, network, share ideas, and develop priority areas for the academic public health community to tackle together. We also act as an advisory panel to FPH on academic matters of local, national, and international relevance.

We’re always looking for new members to add expertise and capacity to our committee. We would welcome FPH members to apply to join the committee by emailing: policy@fph.org.uk

Committee Chair/Vice-Chair: Carol Brayne / Sheena Ramsay

Current and ongoing areas of activity

  • Provide academic support to other committees and Special Interest Groups within the FPH
  • Support Clinical Research Networks to increase research in local authorities
  • Bazalgette Professorship
  • Advise on Public Health Workforce Development and Capacity Planning
  • Advise on the training programme for Specialty Registrars and support the development of academic training placements
  • Support development of a Trans-disciplinary Fellowship Programme with the Health Foundation.
  • Work with others to increase its professional relevance of FPH membership
  • Develop Public Health ethical frameworks
  • Support Public Health education in medical schools
  • Work with the Information and Intelligence Group
  • Map Public Health research and training opportunities
  • Building academic Public Health capacity
  • Public Health Research Blueprint for bold ambitious Public Health research ideas
  • Contribute to recruitment to FPH membership 
  • Provide a position statement on Public Health research on behalf of FPH
  • Engage with RCP (London) and support with conference themes
  • Support wider opportunities for Public Health Fellowships 
  • Advocate for joint academic-service Public Health roles
  • Develop links with Social Care research

Recent Committee Activities

The ARC delivered a position statement on public health research (2018). This supported national discussions and advocated for greater visibility of academic public health, building on recommendations from the Academy of Medical Sciences’ Health of the Public 2040 report.

FPH Public Health Research Blueprint: the committee responded to a SCHOPR consultation about the research priorities that would do most to improve the health of the population over coming decades. Our response to SCHOPR is available, along with a scoping review summarising previous related publications. The blueprint informed SCHOPR's submission to the UK Chief Medical Officers.

Contributed to policy discussions through the National Institute for Health Research on Health Futures, and supported identification of local authority priorities for research areas.