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Coalitions & Partnerships

FPH is proud to be a member of the following coalitions, which are invaluable in our collaborative work to advocate for local, national and international policy change.

The Alcohol Health Alliance brings together 50 organisations that have a shared interest in reducing the damage caused to health by alcohol. Members include medical royal colleges, charities, patient representatives and alcohol health campaigners.

Brexit Health Alliance brings together the NHS, medical research, industry, patients and public health organisations, the Brexit Health Alliance aims to safeguard the interests of patients and the healthcare and research they rely on during the Brexit negotiations.

Obesity Health Alliance logo

The Obesity Health Alliance is a coalition of more than 40 organisations that have joined together to prevent obesity-related ill-health by addressing the influences that lead to excess bodyweight throughout life. We work together to influence Government policy on overweight and obesity.

Smokefree action

The Smokefree Action Coalition is a group of more than 300 organisations committed to promoting public health and reducing the harm caused by tobacco.

uk health alliance on climate change logo 

The UK Health Alliance on Climate Change represents over 650,000 health professionals advocating for responses to climate change which protect and promote public health. Its vision is that the threats to planetary health from climate change are minimised and in a way that health benefits are maximised. Fellow members of the Alliance include many Medical Royal Colleges, the Royal College of Nursing, the British Medical Association, the British Medical Journal and the Lancet.

The Centre for Perioperative Care, of which FPH is a Board member, was established to promote the delivery of high-quality perioperative care; the integrated multidisciplinary management of patients from the moment surgery is contemplated through to full recovery.

Become a Member

Become a Member

FPH is the professional home for public health in the UK and abroad. We support over 5,000 members across all career stages enabling them to drive the profession forward and achieve our vision of improving public health.

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