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Health Services Committee

The Health Services Committee supports FPH in advice on matters relating to the health and care systems in the four countries, and in FPHs  advocacy role to drive improvements in population outcomes and reductions in health inequalities in a cost-effective manner. It focuses on supporting the development and practice of Healthcare Public Health through both training and professional practice, and on strengthening this core public health competency within the NHS, social care, and (in England) within the emerging Integrated Care Systems.

The Committee is passionate about ensuring the maximum benefit for patients and the public is available through the application of health improvement, health protection and healthcare public health skills in the everyday business of health and care agencies.  

Healthcare Public Health (HCPH) can be described as developing and improving evidence-based healthcare, including assessment and planning of health need, prevention, quality (safety, outcomes and good patient experience), efficiency (good outcomes per £ spent), value (that the patient or population derive), variation, and equity in the delivery of health and social care pathways and service provision. A more in-depth definition of HCPH can be found here.    

The Faculty of Public Health is uniquely well placed to contribute to the role of public health approaches in health and care and support policy discussion and formulation. The Health Services Committee provides the lead within the Faculty, linking with the Board, other Faculty committees, special interest groups and external bodies.

Committee aims and objectives

  • To lead FPH’s Healthcare Public Health advice to internal and external partners
  • To embed HCPH in all FPH policy developments
  • To promote best practice in HCPH across the Faculty and to and through its membership
  • To promote HCPH across the curriculum for specialist Trainees
  • To increase the Faculty’s profile as an expert source of HCPH
  • To provide a formal link for FPH with the Provider Public Health Network of NHSEI.


The Health Services Committee seeks to support the FPH President, Officers, Board and staff in advising on all matters relating to Health and Care services and the Faculty role in leading, advising and championing public health approaches to the delivery of effective care. It also supports consultations and expert fora as required.

The Health Services Committee provides guidance and support to the FPH Board and other committees to ensure all relevant issues pertaining to Health and Care Services are embedded in all aspects of the work being undertaken by the Faculty.

The Health Services Committee meets a minimum of four times a year, with two being face to face, with additional work between meetings as needed to support FPH work and advocacy. The committee reports to the Advocacy and Policy Committee.

Group membership

Membership consists of a Chair and members, particularly those working closely with or within NHS and other health and care bodies, across the four nations.

  • FPH Board representative
  • FPH Members and Fellows
  • Special Interest Group (SIG) representative(s)/ chairs
  • Specialty Registrars
  • External representatives
  • FPH staff representative(s)

Committee representation is designed to ensure vital representation of members from the four nations of the UK. It includes members from a wide range of settings within health and care so it can offer the maximum possible breadth and depth of experience for its role. The Primary Care SIG is particularly active and the Health Services Committee works closely to support and empower its work


The committee focus is currently:

  • Healthcare Public Health practice descriptions at all levels in the health and care system
  • Responding to consultations and advice on developments in ICS systems in England
  • Supporting curriculum development around HCPH competencies in practice  
  • Regular feedback and input into the work of the Provider Public Health Network
  • Support for the Primary Care SIG  


The Committee will work in partnership with other public health groups within the Faculty, but also with external organisations. In particular, the NHSEI supported Provider Public Health Network has strong links and some co-produced material. The intention is to strengthen work undertaken by the committee with members of the faculty, including SIGs and committees and with other partners, as appropriate.

Linked Special Interest Groups

The following Special Interest Groups (SIGs) collaborate with the Health Services Committee, which receives reports from and advocates for each SIG, to maximise their impact:

Committee chair – Chris Packham

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Become a Member

Become a Member

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