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The Sarah Stewart Brown Award for Public Mental Health

This award is sponsored by Professor Sarah Stewart Brown with the aim of encouraging and promoting leadership and innovation in public mental health in the UK among members of the public health community. Applications can be made to: and details of the closing date are here.  

Who can apply?

Any member of the Faculty of Public Health in good standing, working in any setting in the UK, who has played a significant but not necessarily lead role in the development or implementation of an innovative approach to promoting mental health and wellbeing in any setting.

Criteria for award submissions must provide evidence of:

  • Development or implementation of an innovative approach to mental health and wellbeing improvement at the population level.
  • Use of appropriate research evidence to inform practice.
  • A sound plan for monitoring and evaluating the innovation.
  • Engagement by appropriate stakeholders including service providers, partners and/or community.
  • Potential for sustainability.


  • Projects or programmes addressing secondary or tertiary approaches to prevention are not eligible for this award.

The award recipient will have:

  • Enabled public health mental health work to flourish and grow - this may be directly, or by enabling others to act.
  • Demonstrated innovation in the field of public mental health – doing things differently – thinking differently and/or enabling others to do so.
  • Shown how their contribution has made a difference to individuals, to communities, to staff, or to public policy.

Please submit your proposal in no more than 500 words, describing how your project meets the criteria for the award.

The award is a cash prize of £500 to be spent on dissemination of the project, for example travel to a conference, production of a film or report or hospitality for a local meeting. This prize is to be offered annually at the FPH annual general meeting for ten years.

The award winner will submit a proposal as to how the award will be spent.

About Sarah Stewart Brown

For the last 20 years, Sarah has devoted herself to developing and promoting public mental health in the FPH and in other settings. She chaired the Faculty’s Mental Health Committee from its inception in 2007 to 2015 and before that worked with various Faculty committees including the Mental Health Working Group.

Having studied medicine at the University of Oxford and the Westminster Hospital in London, Sarah worked in the NHS first as a paediatrician and then as a public health doctor. Early in her career she worked in both the Department of Child Health and the Department of Epidemiology and Community Health at the University of Bristol. Later she was Director of the Health Services Research Unit and Reader in the Department of Public Health at the University of Oxford. Since 2003 she has been Professor of Public Health at Warwick University where she leads research and development in the fields of mental health and wellbeing and teaches on public mental health to medical and public health students.

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Become a Member

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