FPH declares climate emergency

Climate change is the greatest threat to global public health this century. We are entering a period of unprecedented environmental breakdown. Human activity is changing the planet’s biosphere bringing disruption to planetary health through climate change, air pollution, ocean acidification, deforestation and loss of biodiversity. A thriving global ecosystem is fundamental to human health and it is vital that we protect our planet.

Therefore, the Faculty of Public Health is joining a growing number of organisations in declaring a climate emergency that requires immediate action. We call upon governments around the globe and the entire public health workforce to be aware of the many aspects of this threat and to take urgent action to respond.

The Faculty of Public Health recognises that this threat cannot be tackled in isolation. We will work with our partners in public health and beyond to place health and social inequalities at the heart of climate change work, and ensure that public health is part of the solution to the greatest challenge of our time.

20 November 2019