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FPH Statement on Public Health Grant allocations 2024/5

The Public Health Grant announcement represents an inadequate investment in essential public health services at a time when populations across England are in desperate need of support to protect and improve their health.

The 2% increase in funding – which in the context of inflation and rising costs equates to the ninth consecutive year of real-terms cuts to local public health funding – leaves public health teams struggling to maintain essential services with limited resources.

Despite serious threats to public health in recent years including COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, the rising cost of living crisis, and widening health inequalities, Government has consistently failed to invest in critical services delivered by local authorities which are in place to protect and promote health, particularly for vulnerable populations.

Research from the Health Foundation shows that the Public Health Grant has been cut by 24% on a real-terms per person basis since 2015/6, with some of the largest reductions in spend falling for tobacco control, drug and alcohol services, and sexual health services.

Local public health teams have worked tirelessly to deliver for the populations they serve despite this chronic underfunding, but without proper investment Government risks delivery of these services becoming unsustainable.

The Faculty has called for a £1 billion increase in funding to support local public health teams as they deliver vital work to protect and improve health, and has joined with the Association of Directors of Public Health and the Local Government Association in calling for an adequate multi-year settlement for public health.

Published 06 February 2024

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