FPH Africa Special Interest Group

The FPH Africa Special Interest Group (SIG) has been established to represent the response and contribution of health professionals towards the development and implementation of effective and sustainable solutions to protect and improve the health and wellbeing of people in Africa.

The goal of the Africa SIG is to protect and improve the health and wellbeing of people in Africa.

The Africa SIG will do this through:

  • Advocating for health-focused public policies across African countries
  • Strengthening African public health systems by sharing and supporting solutions to build the capacity and capability of these systems (public health and other healthcare systems such as quality and patients' safety in secondary care)
  • Offering a charitable provision of expert and skilled public health consultancy (volunteering consultancy 1) to governments and non-governmental organisations  on public health development in African countries
  • Offering two-way channels of communication and being a credible and independent voice for advice, support and guidance on public health developments in Africa
  • Providing peer support and mentoring to each other, contributing to the requirements of recognised continuous professional development.

Africa SIG resources:

The Africa Special Interest Group is Co-chaired by Professor Aliko Ahmed: aliko.ahmed@phe.gov.uk and Dr Victor Joseph: victor.joseph@doncaster.gov.uk and the group reports to the Faculty's Global Health Committee