Children and Young People SIG / BACAPH

The British Association for Child and Adolescent Public Health (BACAPH) is now in Partnership with FPH and will act as the SIG for Children and Young People. The SIG is linked to the FPH Advocacy & Policy Committee

People interested in joining the SIG and working with BACAPH should contact

BACAPH goals are

Policy: To promote the evidence-based child PH health programmes nationally and locally.
Advocacy: To act as advocates with others on significant issues requiring multi-disciplinary co-ordinated responses.
Knowledge: To promote research and provide training to help provide the skills and knowledge needed to tackle the diverse and growing challenges in child public health.

Recent work

FPH and BACAPH respond to the Government's response to the Health and Social Care Select Committee report on 'First 1000 days of life'

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