Health Protection (Education and Training) Special Interest Group

The Health Protection (Education and Training) SIG has been established to support and promote access to high quality training in health protection for Specialist Registrars on the FPH public health training programme. We have the following aims:

• Serve as a forum for registrars to discuss issues and share best practice in training and education in health protection so as to improve standards and the training experience.
• Enable members to collaborate on projects, such as audit and research.
• Support the FPH SRC in responding to local/regional/national issues or consultations relating to health protection education and training.
• Provide a representative to the FPH Health Protection Committee to provide a regular update on registrar education and training and support the work of the committee via providing opportunities to volunteer for task and finish groups of the SRC/HPC relevant to health protection.
• Explore ways in which health protection education and training can be expanded in other forums (wider public health and healthcare workforce).

Public Health Specialty Training in Health Protection: A guide to current regional training placements and registrar experiences

This handbook has been developed by the Health Protection (Education and Training) Special Interest Group (SIG) to help support registrars in identifying the current opportunities for enhanced training in health protection across the different training regions. It is a live document and will be reviewed on an annual basis. If any changes to training opportunities are reported to the SIG in the intervening period, the document will be updated sooner to reflect these.

The Health Protection, Education and Training Special Interest Group reports to the Faculty's Health Protection Committee.

If you are interested in joining the SIG, please email: