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Buddy scheme

The FPH buddy scheme is an informal network which aims to pair up consultants looking for a friendly source of advice with experienced public health professionals who are keen to support their colleagues. The aim of the buddy scheme is to give new and established consultants a friendly ear to help them through challenging times, whether this is early in their consultant career or at a later stage. The buddy scheme helps to promote a sharing environment and can contribute to the overall quality of staff performance and independent thinking. Our buddies are experienced Fellows and Members of the Faculty who are in senior positions in public health. The buddy scheme is not intended to be a coaching or mentoring scheme - locally provided alternatives are available and members should explore these with their employer. 

We are pleased to have linked many knowledgeable and accomplished buddies across the country, and many consultants have benefited from their skills and support. 

As a buddy scheme participant, all consultants can expect to: 

  • Receive a minimum of two one-hour sessions, the first preferably face-to-face, although Skype is also encouraged.
  • Get flexible and individually-tailored support from their buddy, enabling them to define specific, achievable goals on which to focus.
  • Create a safe haven to explore professional development, work-based issues and share experiences.
  • Better understand your organisation's culture and unspoken rules, both of which can be critical for success.

We particularly encourage new consultants who have recently taken up post to apply. We will try to match you with a buddy geographically close to you though this may not always be possible.  

The Faculty buddy can expect to: 

  • Gain a new perspective on their own performance and approach to work.
  • Work with different issues, often leading to vital insights into their own working situation.
  • Expand their network of colleagues and re-energise their own career.

Would you like to become a buddy and support a new consultant? By volunteering to become a buddy, you can support public health consultants by providing guidance and experience.

The scheme is informal and requires no previous experience. We are always looking to link new buddies both in the UK and internationally. If you are interested in becoming a buddy please send an email to

In addition to this, here are two helpful guidance documents on the transition from trainee to consultant:

  1. Transition from Specialty Training to becoming a Public Health Consultant: A Guide to Finishing Training

  2. Guidance for registrars preparing for the transition to consultant roles: maximising the opportunities during training

If you would like to talk to one of our experienced buddies and get some support and advice please see a contact list below:

Buddy Support - East of England

Dr Padmanabhan (Badri) Badrinath (Essex) 

Dr Sultan Salimee (Harlow/Essex)

Buddy Support - East Midlands

Mr Rob Howard (Leicester)

Mr Chris Weston (Lincolnshire)

Buddy Support - East Midlands/South Yorkshire

Mr Ben Anderson

Buddy Support - London

Dr Karthik Paranthaman

Buddy Support - North West

Dr Evdokia Dardamissis (Liverpool)

Buddy Support - Scotland

Dr Cameron Stark (Inverness)

Buddy Support - South Central England

Dr Ruth Milton (Porton/Salisbury)

Buddy Support - South East Coast

Ms Joanne Bernhaut (East Sussex)

Buddy Support - South East England

Dr Kate Bailey (West Sussex) 

Buddy Support - South East England

Dr Margot Nicholls (Horsham/W Sussex)

Buddy Support - South West

Mrs Sarah Weld (South Gloucestershire)

Become a Member

Become a Member

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