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Portfolio Assessors

One of the Faculty’s important roles is in recommending to the GMC, doctors to the specialist register. Not only those via the training scheme route but also those doctors who acquired the skills and competencies described in the public health training curriculum outside of the training scheme.

In these instances applications are made via the GMC’s Portfolio pathway . The Faculty’s role is to review these applications and return them to the GMC either approved for the registrar or with recommendations as to how they further develop their skills further to be successfully recommended.

The Faculty is looking to recruit new assessors to the Portfolio Committee and ensure that we continue to deliver on this important service for one of our regulators. 

New Assessors Required for Portfolio Applications

The Faculty of Public Health need to establish a wider pool of assessors for the Portfolio evaluation process and we are looking to our membership to help us achieve this.

What is Portfolio application?

Someone who feels they have obtained sufficient equivalent training and experience outside of the UK specialist training scheme for their chosen specialty, can apply for registration via the Portfolio route.

What is the process?

An applicant submits a bundle of evidence to the GMC, which is collated and then sent to the relevant Royal College/Faculty for assessment. There is an agreed timeline during which we would have to complete an assessment. Assessors work in pairs to independently complete an assessment and recommend applicants to be added, or not, to the specialty register. This is then signed off by chair of the Portfolio Committee.

Further information is available on the GMC website about their general process, as well as the Specialty Specific Guidance for Public Health.

What is the workload?

Based on recent numbers we receive approximately 2 Portfolio assessments to complete per year.

  • An evidence bundle is typically between 800-1200 pages and assessors are given 3-4 weeks to complete their work.
Why get involved?
  • By becoming a Portfolio assessor for the Faculty you will contribute to the continuing work of maintaining standards within the public health profession.
  • Completing assessments is a good way to contribute to your continuing professional development.
Is the post remunerated?

Assessors will be paid a fee of £300 for each assessment they complete. Travel will not normally be required, but if it is, FPH will pay reasonable expenses in line with our Expenses Policy. 

Is training provided?

Full training is provided by the GMC.

What experience is required?
  • Must have a good understanding of public health specialty training structures and competences and be familiar with the 2022 Training Curriculum.
  • Fellow of FPH in good standing for at least three years;
  • Has held a consultant or equivalent post for at least three years.
  • Must be up to date with FPH CPD and annual audit requirements.

If you are interested to apply for the full please submit and up to date CV and expression interest to

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Become a Member

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