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Overseas placements

The Faculty of Public Health (FPH) recognises that training in public health takes place in a wide variety of settings and locations, including outside the UK. Because of the excellent experience offered by these placements they should, where appropriate, be recognised as an integral part of a Specialty Registrar's overall training programme rather than viewed as 'time out'.

Working overseas has the potential to provide excellent opportunities in many of the core public health competencies. In addition, it is likely that the experience and level of responsibility obtained may not be possible while working within the NHS.

As well as offering technical assistance to other countries, working in overseas training posts can also be a rewarding personal experience.

Over the past decade there has been increasing demand for overseas experience in areas including Eastern Europe, developing countries, the European Union, USA, Canada and Australasia. European training programmes specifically aimed at public health training have also been launched.

It is important that training experience, wherever it takes place, is carefully planned and structured to maximise the training value. Further details are available in the Overseas Additional Information document. Registrars who complete a placement overseas are asked to complete a report and feedback on their experience to ensure that the placement is of a sufficient quality. The report can be accessed via this link.

Applications for overseas placements are made via the Out of Programme route.

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