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Candidates who wish to make a formal appeal against their examination results must write to the Director of Education, Standards and Advocacy within one calendar month of the date of dispatch of the result, as indicated in the procedures. Candidates should ensure they read the Appeals Policy and Guidance document, carefully to ensure that their grounds for appeal are legitimate before writing. 

Grounds for appeals 

A candidate who has attempted either The Faculty of Public Health Diplomate (DFPH) or Final Membership examination (MFPH) may appeal against the result, in certain circumstances, when: 

  • There is clear evidence of procedural irregularity in the conduct or content of the Examination (including administrative error) which has adversely affected a candidate's performance.
  • There were exceptional circumstances, such as illness or some other extenuating circumstance (for which clear documentary evidence must be provided), which adversely affected a candidate's performance in the examination. Candidates are advised to submit details of any such circumstances as soon as possible (i.e. within three working days) of the examination and not wait until after they receive their results. Candidates should note that there is a right of withdrawal from any examination due to exceptional circumstances, and candidates appealing on these grounds must provide a valid reason explaining why they were not able to do this.

Please note that appeals will not be accepted on the following grounds:

  • That a candidate considers his or her efforts were under-marked.
  • That a candidate did not understand or was unaware of the Examination Regulations.
  • That a candidate seeks to question professional or academic judgment.

All candidates should note that the appeals policy does not facilitate the changing of any result or pass/fail decision, unless it has been determined that there was an error in the results as originally communicated to the candidate.

Office reviews 

Candidates may request an office review if they have reason to believe that there may have been an administrative error in their result for an examination. There is a fee for an office review, which will be refunded if the candidate’s result is changed. 

Exemptions from exams

Candidates who have been successful in the Irish Faculty Part I Examination may apply for an exemption from the DFPH.

Certain individuals may also qualify for FPH Fellowship without needing to complete either examination. Please see the information on Fellowship by Exemption for further details.

Exemption from the DFPH

Candidates who have passed Part I of the Examination for Membership of the Faculty of Public Health Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians, Ireland since 8 September 1983, may claim exemption from DFPH of the MFPH examination.

Exemption is not automatic, but must be applied for using the application for exemption from DFPH form and enclosing documentary evidence and the current fee. A copy of the original letter of notification from the Irish Faculty will be acceptable evidence.

Exemption from the examination is not allowed on any other grounds.

Additional useful documents

MFPH Examinations Regulations and Information for candidates

Request for Office Review Form

Diplomate Examination (DFPH) Application for exemption

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Become a Member

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