Ethical and legal dimensions of vaccine hesitancy - POSTPONED

25 Mar - 25 Mar 2020

Green Templeton College, University of Oxford, Oxford


Ethics, values and vaccine hesitancy – Information, choice and public’s health

Vaccine hesitancy has been identified as a major threat to global health, often resulting from public “misinformation” and mistrust of vaccines.

The UK Faculty of Public Health in collaboration with EUPHA, Intercollegiate Ethics Forum and PHE is organising a workshop around ethical and legal dimensions of vaccine hesitancy considering issues around misinformation, values, choice and public’s health and the range of legal and other responses to the issue.

The proposed workshop will be on 25th March 2020 from 10 to 4 p.m. at Green Templeton College at University of Oxford, supported by the Sheila Kitzinger Programme. Participants will include senior public health and clinical leaders and practitioners, ethicists, range of academics and parents and community leaders who have been considering the issue. There will be no fees to participate at the workshop

To register for a place at the workshop or further information please email: