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Sally Bradley: remembrance from colleagues

"Sally Bradley was the real thing. She was a lovely, delightful, highly intelligent and motivated woman with absolutely no side to her. She was modest but assertive about the causes she believed in, especially social justice, the position of women and holding out a welcome to all no matter where they came from. Her family can be proud of her contribution. She made a significant contribution to the public health of the people of Salford and Greater Manchester as a GP, Director of Public Health and later as Medical Director of Pennine Acute Hospital. 

She was a pioneer of modern public health, leading on the implementation of access to the morning after pill from all the pharmacies in Salford in time for the Christmas party seasons and making a significant contribution to the reduction of teenage pregnancy.

It is a bitter irony that she appears to have been the victim of sectarian hatred. At a time when the world is crying out for love and real leadership we need many more Sallys."

John Ashton


"Sally Bradley was a friend and colleague. She was always full of fun and keen to try new things and to innovate. We worked together when I was DPH in Manchester and she was DPH in Salford. She was a supportive colleague, with the health of people at the forefront of her actions. She was able to combine a population approach with the valuable patient insights she had as a GP. She moved roles between clinician, PH consultant and clinical manager throughout her career which meant she had a special contribution to give in each of her roles. Her life was cut short in the tragic events in Sri Lanka. A light turned out by sectarian hatred. We will miss her."

Ann Hoskins

Published 15 May 2019

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