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The Faculty of Public Health and 28 others raise concern over the consequences of a No Deal Brexit for the public’s health and well-being

Today, the Faculty of Public Health (FPH) and 28 other organisations have published a letter in the Guardian expressing our concern over the increasing likelihood of a No Deal Brexit and the risk this poses for the public's health and well-being. 

In the letter, we report that long-term improvement in life expectancy has slowed, and for some age groups, gone into reverse, whilst the most vulnerable in our population face growing insecurity of income, employment and even food. We believe that all of these would be exacerbated by a No Deal Brexit.

We look to Government to confirm its continued commitment to public health protections and standards as Britain leaves the EU. This was an assurance gained following a major campaign led by FPH last year.

The coalition of organisations also asks Government to publish all assessments it has undertaken on the impact of different No Deal Brexit scenarios on health and to establish a system for monitoring impacts. 

Professor Maggie Rae, President of the Faculty of Public Health said “Our key message is centred around the principle of ‘Do No Harm’. The health and well-being consequences of a No Deal Brexit are a major concern. I’m thankful to our partners across the sector in raising this message and asking Government to confirm its commitment to public health protections and standards as we leave the EU. Government should honour the ‘ Do No Harm’ commitments and publish assessments of the impact of No Deal Brexit on health and well-being and establish a monitoring system for health and well-being impacts going forward.”

Published 04 September 2019

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