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Children and Young People / BACAPH

The British Association for Child and Adolescent Public Health (BACAPH) is now in Partnership with FPH and will act as the SIG for Children and Young People. The SIG is linked to the FPH Advocacy & Policy Committee

People interested in joining the SIG and working with BACAPH should contact

BACAPH goals are

Policy: To promote the evidence-based child PH health programmes nationally and locally.
Advocacy: To act as advocates with others on significant issues requiring multi-disciplinary co-ordinated responses.
Knowledge: To promote research and provide training to help provide the skills and knowledge needed to tackle the diverse and growing challenges in child public health.

Our strategy 

The development of the strategy refocuses the work of BACAPH at a critical time for babies, children and young people. Mental health needs, obesity, poverty, education – all require urgent and focused attention from an organisation that can transcend professional interests, cross disciplinary boundaries, and speak with an independent voice. 

If you want to be more involved in the work of BACAPH you can support the work of the organisation by:

1. Become a member of BACAPH

Joining BACAPH is free and enables you to sign up for our regular bulletins which provide members with a round-up of child public health news and updates on the work of the organisation. You can join via our website or contact

2. Public Health Registrar Network

There is a dedicated BACAPH network for Public Health registrars who are interested in supporting the work of the organisation. If you would like more details, please contact Joe Williams, Public Health Registrar:

3. Buddying system

In order to share, learn and develop practice, a buddying system has recently launched linking Paediatric and Public Health registrars. The unique interdisciplinary nature of BACAPH provides excellent opportunities for professionals from different disciplines to learn from each other and build professional networks – something that came out as a priority for members in our recent survey. If you would like more details on the buddying system, please contact Joe Williams, Public Health Registrar: 

Recent work

FPH and BACAPH respond to the Government's response to the Health and Social Care Select Committee report on 'First 1000 days of life'

Visit our website at

Become a Member

Become a Member

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