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The Food Special Interest Group (SIG) was established as a forum for public health professionals from all sectors to provide support and advocate for the importance of healthy and sustainable food systems within public health practice.


The Food SIG reports to the Faculty's Health Improvement Committee and is chaired by Kristin Bash; Kath Roberts serves as vice-chair. 

FPH members can join this SIG by logging into their FPH members’ portal account, selecting the ‘Committees/SIGs’ button and choosing the correct SIG. You will then be asked to provide a few details, following which your application will be automatically approved. Further details on FPH membership are available here.

General vision

The Food SIG aims to be a dynamic community of public health professionals with expertise in all areas of the food system that influence health, to support the work of the Faculty in all areas related to food policy, and to provide continued learning, advocacy,  and collaborative working on food policy in the UK. The focus will include policy related to public health nutrition but will concentrate efforts on other food policy areas that impact the health of our population.

3 long-term (3-year) strategic aims:

  1. To build skills and knowledge around food systems and food policy within the public health workforce
  2. To provide links between local, regional, and national food policy; to offer a central point in the system for collaboration and shared learning on policy, regulations, and good practice.
  3. To be an effective advocate for good public health food policy across all levels of government

2023 – 24 strategic aims:

  1. Skilling up and building resources and evidence base - To provide expertise and resources for public health professionals, trainees, practitioners, and local and national partners who engage with food-related issues.
  2. Advocacy and influence - To use public health expertise to advocate for evidence-based food policy at all levels through targeted training, advocacy, and collaboration activities.
  3. Contribution to Faculty’s Climate and Health Strategy - To advance understanding and role of sustainable diets within the Climate Crisis and wider sustainability issues.

3 core topic areas of focus for 2023-24:

  • Sustainable Diets
  • Food insecurity and the cost-of-living crisis
  • Healthy food environments - Commercial Determinants & Ultra-processed foods
Additional Food SIG Resources 
Become a Member

Become a Member

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