Drugs Special Interest Group

The Drugs SIG advocates for policies and programmes to reduce drug related harm; and provides a forum to share good practice and emerging evidence.

The Drugs Special Interest Group is chaired by Adam Holland and Jason Horsley and reports to the FPH Health Services Committee. To join, please email your application form to adam.holland@bristol.ac.uk.

Drugs SIG projects

  • Submission of evidence to the 2022 Home Affairs Committee on Drugs on behalf of the Faculty of Public Health and Association of Directors of Public Health.
  • Commentary in the Lancet Public Health exploring the arguments posed against the provision of overdose prevention centres in the UK.
  • Open letter advocating for overdose prevention centre pilots in the UK, featured in the Guardian and the BMJ.
  • Taking a New Line on Drugs – report from the Royal Society for Public Health and the Faculty of Public Health.

Other relevant publications and resources

  • Proof-of-concept evaluation of the United Kingdom’s first unsanctioned overdose prevention site.