Primary Care and Public Health Special Interest Group

The Primary Care and Public Health Special Interest Group was established in 2018 to provide a forum for public health clinicians, general practitioners, academics and anyone with an interest in primary care and public health collaboration to come together.

In particular to:

  • Promote the greater collaboration of Primary Care and Public Health for the benefit of the populations we serve.
  • Explore barriers and opportunities to improving place-based population health.
  • Explore how health inequities can be addressed through community oriented primary care.
  • Explore the translation of academic public health and primary care research into local public health policies.
  • Advocate for GPs to access education and training in public health at all levels.
  • Support each other and learn from each other.
  • Collaborate on specific issues of policy, training, and education.

The Primary Care and Public Health Special Interest Group is chaired by Eleanor Turner-Moss and Kathrin Thomas. We run an active JISCMail group and hold regular online meetings and webinars. Please contact us at and or

The SIG reports to the Health Services Committee.

Videos and resources

FPH Primary Care/Public Health SIG Webinar on Mobilising Communities in Primary Care during COVID

When the UK government declared a national lockdown on 23 March 2020, staff at Elliott Hall Medical Centre, a primary care centre in Harrow recognised that many of their vulnerable patients would find it difficult to cope.

This webinar, brought to you by the FPH Primary Care and Public Health SIG (PHPC SIG), features Dr Chris Jenner, partner at Elliott Hall Medical Centre/long-term GP trainer and chair of a local virtual ward.

He describes a transformative approach to recruiting primary care volunteers and students to mobilise and support patients during the isolating and challenging time that was the first UK government COVID-19 lockdown. A BMJ article summarising this further is available here.


FPH Primary Care/Public Health SIG Webinar featuring Deep End GPs Scotland

This webinar, part of the Building Back Better in Primary Care and Public Health series was hosted by the FPH Primary Care/Public Health SIG and featured two leading members from the inspiring and progressive Deep End GP network in Scotland.

The Deep End GP project started in 2009 and is a network of the 100 most disadvantaged GP practices in Scotland - who have worked on innovative projects to address inequalities in practice to research and advocacy that has changed policy across Scotland. Dr Carey Lunan MBE is the former chair of the RCGP in Scotland, a GP in Craigmillar in Edinburgh and currently chairs the Deep End GP project.

Dr David Blane, a GP in south Glasgow and academic at the University of Glasgow, is the academic lead for Deep End GPs. Throughout the webinar they discuss how their work has been affected by COVID, what approaches the group have taken over the last 12 months to tackle inequalities and the social determinants of health, and how public health can work better with primary care to improve health equity.


FPH Primary Care/Public Health SIG Webinar featuring on Integration of Public Health & Primary Care

As part of the third webinar in the series of Building Back Better in Primary Care and Public Health, hear from:

  • Dr Luisa Pettigrew, visiting clinical Fellow at the Nuffield Trust and academic GP in London/LSHTM
  • Dr Bernd Rechel, honorary Associate Professor at LSHTM working on health systems and health policy across Europe
  • Dr Richard Garlick, retired GP and Consultant in Public Health
  • Dr May van Schalkwyk, specialist registrar in public health and Academic Clinical Fellow, Imperial College London

The group wrote a polemic published in the BMJ in February 2021 calling out the lack of integration between public health and primary care in COVID responses across the UK and in England particularly, despite clear opportunities with emerging Primary Care Networks.

Why did it take until the vaccine roll-out for GPs and primary care to be included in the national response? Why were test and trace systems so separate from primary care (and even, in England to an extent, the NHS)? How can we learn from the pandemic and from overseas to strengthen future emergency responses, and improve community health through better joined-up working?

Discover thought-provoking and insightful talks from our panel of speakers ranging from evidence of best practice internationally on primary care/public health integration, personal experiences of dual training and potential next steps for networked working and public health in primary care.