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Vision and Aim

The Vision of the FPH Sudan Special Interest Group (SIG) is to contribute to building in Sudan a nation of healthy individuals, families and communities, served by a health system that is equitable, accessible, affordable, efficient and consumer friendly in which the society participates actively.

The Sudan SIG aims to provide all support needed during the conflict and war in terms prevention, reducing the impact of war and during recovery period. 


  1. Foster capacity building and knowledge transfer between the UK, Sudan and internationally.
  2. Raise the profile of public health training as a foundation for sustainable development in Sudan and other countries.
  3. Advocate for embedding public health principles and multidisciplinary working in clinical, nursing and allied health professionals.
  4. Champion the agenda of embedding health in all polices and focus on improving the wider determinants of health.
  5. Improve system leadership and system thinking as a tool to ensure achieving sustainable development.
  6. Support evidence based decision making and operational research.


A summary of the group’s achievements over the last two years can be found here.


The SIG is chaired by Mayada Abuaffan ( and reports to the Faculty's Global Health Committee.

Join the Sudan SIG

FPH members can join this SIG by logging into their FPH members’ portal account, selecting the ‘Committees/SIGs’ button and choosing the correct SIG. You will then be asked to provide a few details, following which your application will be automatically approved. Further details on FPH membership are available here.


Activity: To support internationally trained Sundanese PH professionals to gain membership and the fellowship of the FPH

Outcome: Raising the profile of public health in the Sudan via increasing the numbers of members and fellows

Target date: On-going

Named lead: Mayada Abu Affan, Muna Aziz and Huda Hassan

Progress to date: Submitted number of fellowship and membership by distinction in the past year

Outputs: Raising awareness of opportunities to gain membership and fellowship, and increase membership of the FPH CPD programme. 

Link to FPH strategy: A1,A3

Activity: Increase membership and the visibility of the Sudan SIG

Outcome: Expand the SIG membership

Target date: On-going

Named lead: Mayada Abu Affan, Muna Aziz and Huda Hassan

Progress to date: Number of colleagues gained fellowship or membership via SIG nomination

Outputs: Collaboration with diaspora organisations such as WASD and Sudan Knowledge via the SIG's webpage and social media platforms 

Link to FPH strategy: A1, A3

Activity: Prevent and manage the impact of violence against women during conflict 

Outcome: Improve counselling skills of frontline practitioners working with women who have faced rape

Target date: March 2024

Named lead: Sarah Belail  

Progress to date: Connections have been stablished with African organisations working on violence against women

Outputs: Training workshops for frontline practitioners on psychological support and emergency response to rape

Link to FPH strategy: E1, E3, E1, E3

Activity: Build evidence of public health interventions during conflict 

Outcome: Develop evidence and implementations plans on effective health promotion messages  around maternal and child health and LTC 

Target date: March 2025  

Named lead: All SIG members 

Progress to date: Work has started on child health and nutrition 

Outputs: Number of health promotion programmes delivered via social media 

Link to strategy: E1 ,E3

Activity: Improve the chances of employability of refugee doctors in the UK who are interested in public health 

Outcome: Provide work experience in local authorities and public health organisations in the UK;Publish SIG efforts to support public health during conflict

Target date: March 2025

Named lead: Muna Aziz, Mayada Abu Affan and Olaa Ishraguq Awad 

Progress to date: Work has started to identify refugee doctors interested in public health; Editorial team established 

Outputs: Work experience provided; Paper published 

Link to FPH strategy: B2, B4

Activity: Support for children in disasters, child refugees and migrants

Outcome: Develop a child health support programme 

Target date: March 2025 

Named lead: Nazim Abdel Aati

Progress to date: Child health support booklet during conflict is being translated in Arabic 

Outputs: Booklet promoted via social media and training  workshops

Link to FPH strategy: A1, A3




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Become a Member

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