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The CPD year starts on 1 April and ends on 31 March and you have until the 30 April to submit your return.

No, from 1 April 2016 it is compulsory to submit returns using the online diary.

No you can't, from 1 April 2019 it is mandatory to use the PDP function of the online diary.

You will need to speak to the CPD Team. Alternatively, email: cpd@fph.org.uk to request exemption, stating brief description and attaching exemption form (you can view it from here and supporting evidence (if applying for exemption because doing CDP with another recognised organisation, in this case supporting evidence is normally a copy of your CPD certificate).

You will need to speak to the CPD Team. Alternatively, email cpd@fph.org.uk to request this.

To request a new password, go to the login page and click on the link Forgotten your password?

To edit your password to the online diary, click on the ‘My Account’ tab, and then the ‘Edit’ tab. Enter and confirm your new password as requested.

When logging in, your username is the email address which you originally used to register for the system. Please check that you have entered this correctly. If you have completed the 'Forgotten your password' form, your password reset will be sent to this address. If you are still experiencing difficulties when trying to log in to the system, please contact cpd@fph.org.uk

Users don’t have editing rights, to request changes please email cpd@fph.org.uk and we’ll update your details for you.

Log in to the diary, go to This year’s CPD activities (or select date range under All CPD activities), scroll down the page and click on Download all as pdf.

FPH does not accept half credits. One CPD credit should be counted for one hour’s worth of ‘real education time’; 3 credits for half a day and 5 credits for a full day.

A maximum of 5 credits can be claimed per reflective note. If for example a 3 day conference is attended, you may claim up to 5 credits for each day of the conference, however 3 reflective notes must be submitted for each 5 credits claimed, each reflecting on different learning gained from the event.

Claims for general items such as ‘private reading’, ‘reviewing papers’ or ‘research’ are not accepted. You should be much more specific in order to demonstrate learning. When writing a reflective note, you should reflect on a specific element (publication, journal, area of research, etc.) for which significant new learning was gained, not a general claim during the year.

Normally, meetings, committee activity, routine operational work and academic activities with no significant new learning are not creditable as CPD. For example examining for FPH’s Part A or Part B examinations, giving the same lecture regularly and minimally updated, attending routine committee meetings/other business meetings and articles in peer-reviewed journals, chapters in books, reports and official documents where the author has not undertaken substantial writing. If there is any new learning that can be demonstrated from these activities, you should write a reflective note and claim CPD credits, otherwise they should not be claimed as CPD.

There is currently no option for recording any special circumstances on the online diary. You should contact cpd@fph.org.uk to inform FPH for any period of not less than 9 months in any one CPD year where you are absent from work. When you return to work we recommend, where possible, that you make up any shortfalls in CPD within a five year period.

There is currently no option on the online diary to upload supporting documents.

The data is backed up by the software provider, so if there are any technical problems, your data will not be lost. When using the diary, please ensure you save your work properly by filling out all required fields marked by a red asterisk and then clicking on the ‘Submit’ button at the bottom of the page.

All data stored on the system is automatically backed up.

The CPD online diary cannot be accessed by any third parties. Your account and records will only be accessed by the FPH CPD Team for support reasons and only if requested by the user.

For any further information please contact the CPD Team at cpd@fph.org.uk, Tel: 020 3696 1482.

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