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Our CPD scheme

All participating members are required to submit an annual return before 30 April every year, or claim exemption.

You should record your CPD ​as per our new FPH CPD policy. This policy requires you to complete between 3 to 6 reflective notes linked to your PDP. The new CPD policy is consistent with the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges CPD guidance and ensures that you are meeting GMC and UKPHR requirements for revalidation and CPD.

Eligible subscribing FPH members have access to the CPD diary.

CPD process and requirements for 2023/24
  • Record your PDP objectives.
  • Enter your CPD activities and link them to your PDP. You can enter however many CPD activities you want. They do not all need to be linked to your PDP.
  • Enter reflective notes to a minimum of 3 CPD activities that are linked to your PDP. You can enter more reflective notes if you want.
  • At the time of CPD annual return submission: submit a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 reflective notes that are linked to your PDP.   
  • Large emphasis is placed on supporting reflective learning and personal development 
  • At the end of every CPD year we conduct a supportive feedback exercise focusing on how to improve the quality of your reflection. Feedback is essential for personal development, and a system of providing non-judgemental and supportive feedback (with no pass/fail assessment) will better support the development of our members as reflective practitioners.
  • Certification of good standing will be provided annually within the diary.
  • Appraisal reports will remain available on the CPD diary.

You can download the new FPH policy here

For more detail, see our CPD scheme frequently asked questions.

Access the CPD diary on the FPH Members Portal
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