Faculty Advisers

Our elected Regional Faculty Advisers approve job descriptions, person specifications and adverts for new and replacement consultant level posts on behalf of FPH. (This will involve discussion/negotiation with employers to ensure that the detail of job descriptions and person specifications is appropriate and meets agreed standards for good public health practice in accordance with statutory and other good practice requirements.)

They can also provide advice on public health careers and training.


How to contact these people:

FPH Adviser – DMS

Robert Lindfield
Tel: 020 7958 8334
Email: robert.lindfield100@mod.gov.uk

FPH Adviser - East Midlands

Cate Edwynn  
Tel: 01332 643199
Email: cate.edwynn@derby.gov.uk 

Deputy FPH Adviser – East Midlands


FPH Adviser – East of England

Abhijit Bagade
Tel: 07825 851227
Email: abhijit.bagade@nhs.net and abhijit.bagade@norfolk.gov.uk    

Deputy FPH Adviser – East of England

Smita Kapadia
Tel: 0300 303 8537
Email: smita.kapadia@phe.gov.uk 

FPH Adviser - London

Rachel Wells
Tel: 07970713979
Email: Rachel.wells@barnet.gov.uk

Deputy FPH Adviser - London

Catherine Heffernan
Tel: 07896 718451
Email: catherine.heffernan@nhs.net

FPH Adviser - North East

John Mooney
Tel: 0191 515 2406
Email: john.mooney@sunderland.ac.uk

Deputy FPH Adviser – North East

Gill O’Neill
Tel: 07900702313
Email: gillianoneill@nhs.net 

FPH Adviser – North West

Margaret Jones
Tel: 0796715878
Email: margaret.jones@sefton.gov.uk

Deputy FPH Adviser – North West

Sarah McNulty
Tel: 0151 443 4910
Email: sarah.mcnulty@knowsley.gov.uk

FPH Advisers – Public Health England

Mamoona Tahir
Tel: 08442 253560
Email: mamoona.tahir@phe.gov.uk 

Isabel Oliver
Tel: 07901 822423
Email: Isabel.oliver@phe.gov.uk

FPH Adviser – South East Coast

Andy Beckingham
Tel: 07751 057867
Email: andybeck_phs@hotmail.com 

Deputy FPH Adviser – South East Coast


FPH Adviser – South Central

Eunan O'Neill
Tel: 01865 328108
Email: eunan.oneill@oxfordshire.gov.uk

Deputy FPH Adviser – South Central


FPH Adviser – South West

Tracey Polak
Tel: 01392 267764
Email: tracey.polak@devon.gov.uk

Deputy FPH Adviser – South West

Jonathan Roberts
Tel: 07841 590603
Email: roberts.jon@gmail.com 

FPH Adviser – West Midlands

Mamoona Tahir
Tel: 08442 253560
Email: mamoona.tahir@phe.gov.uk

Deputy FPH Adviser – West Midlands

Frances Howie
Tel: 01905 542649
Email: f.howie@worc.ac.uk

FPH Adviser – Yorkshire and the Humber

Victor Joseph
Tel: 07815722930
Email: victor.joseph@doncaster.gov.uk

Deputy FPH Adviser – Yorkshire and the Humber

Anita Parkin

FPH Adviser – Northern Ireland

Muhammad Sartaj
Tel: 028 9053 990
Email: Muhammad.sartaj@hscni.net

Deputy FPH Adviser – Northern Ireland

Stephen Bergin
Tel: 02837 414569
Email: Stephen.Bergin@hscni.net

FPH Adviser – Wales

Sarah Aitken
Tel: 01633 261448
Email: sarah.aitken@wales.nhs.uk

Deputy FPH Adviser – Wales

Caryn Cox
Tel: 029 2167 4909
Email: caryn.cox@wales.nhs.uk

FPH Adviser – Scotland

Kirsty Licence
Tel: 0131 275 6773
Email: kirsty.licence@nhs.net

Deputy FPH Adviser – Scotland

Nigel Calvert
Tel: 01387 272724
Email: nigel.calvert@nhs.net