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How to prepare for your appraisal and revalidation

The revalidation and appraisal processes should be based on a professional's day to day work. They are intended to support the professional's ongoing development, maximising the benefit whilst minimising the paperwork. Whilst some specific preparation will be required for an appraisal, this should not be unduly onerous and hopefully should take no more than one day for each appraisal. 

You should select your supporting information carefully. It is the quality, rather than the quantity, that is important for a successful appraisal.  

There are two key things you should be doing to get ready for revalidation:

  1. Have an annual appraisal. You should normally have an appraisal every year, but the system is flexible enough to cope with the realities of life. 
  2. Collect your supporting information. There are six types of supporting information that you will be expected to provide, reflect on and discuss at your annual appraisal. Some only need to be presented once in each revalidation cycle.

Types of supporting information to provide at appraisal: 

Appraisal input templates:

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