Workforce census

Workforce planning is about making sure we have the right number of public health consultants and specialists for the future. Robust data can inform the process and can help us plan and make the case for an appropriate number of public health trainees.

This data is important because:

  • It informs the allocation of training numbers and new trainees to public health
  • Public health consultants work in a multiplicity of different settings and are employed by a number of different bodies including the NHS, universities, the Health Protection Agency and the Department of Health
  • Evidence from advisory appointments committees shows that there are few or even no suitable applicants for some posts
  • The age at which individuals choose to retire has a profound effect on workforce figures
  • Comparative data between regions can provide a powerful argument for increasing resources for public health
  • The information collected in this census is not available elsewhere.

There is no workforce census on-going at present.