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ePortfolio and signing off Learning Outcomes

Please note that:

  • Learning Outcomes that have been made obsolete on the ePortfolio will be greyed out and marked as “Obsolete” in the descriptor.
  • The numbering of the Learning Outcomes will remain the same.
  • The evidence linked to the obsolete Learning Outcomes cannot be automatically moved to the merged Learning Outcomes.
  • The evidence/ASS linked to the obsolete Learning Outcomes can be used, if agreed by the Educational Supervisor, for the merged/other Learning Outcomes. You will need to request that the Activity is unlocked by the Education & Training Team so that you can then associate with the merged/other Learning Outcomes. The Activity will then need to be resubmitted for approval. Requests should be emailed to:
  • The Learning Outcome Grid will have obsoleted LO in grey and will be used to record progress and update the ePortfolio as required. This can be downloaded here.
  • For examples of work by Public Health Specialty Registrars mapped against Key Areas of Public Health competence. This can be download here.
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