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2022 Curriculum implementation guidance

This page provides guidance for Registrars, Supervisors and TPD’s on how to manage the implementation process of the new public health specialty training curriculum. This page will be updated by the Faculty so please consult this page if you have any queries.

Curriculum implementation

The public health specialty training curriculum 2022 will be implemented from August 2022. There will be a period of transition to this new curriculum, however by February 2023 all Registrars should be transferred to the new curriculum.  

The new curriculum can be downloaded here.

If you have concerns regarding this process please discuss with your Educational Supervisor and Training Programme Director. Alternatively, please email:

The Faculty will also run monthly drop in sessions which are open to Registrars, Supervisors, Training Programme Directors to attend and ask questions. Details of how to join will be circulated by the Faculty nearer the time alternatively email:

The Curriculum Implementation Group has agreed the following principles for the transition to the new 2022 curriculum:

  • No Registrar should be disadvantaged by the process of needing to transfer from the 2015 to 2022 FPH curriculum.
  • If a particular learning outcome has been signed off by an Educational Supervisor, this transition process cannot be used to re-examine already agreed LO sign-off: this is irrespective of whether the Educational Supervisor has changed.
  • If, after following the guidance below, there remains a disagreement between Educational Supervisor and Registrar, then there is a need to involve the Training Programme Director to arbitrate.

This guidance has been developed by the Faculty and details:

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Become a Member

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