Out of Programme

The Faculty of Public Health (FPH) encourages training programmes to offer Registrars opportunities for development in their training placements. Some placements are available through the Registrar’s home Deanery/LETB and others via external Denary/LETB. Faculty Advisers and Programme Directors can help registrars identify and arrange appropriate experience in a variety of settings: rural or urban, academic or service, Strategic Health Authority or PCT, local government, regional public health group (covering SHA and Government office for the region) or specialist unit. Registrars can apply for these opportunities via the Out of Programme application process.

The post should provide experience in one or more of the following key areas as outlined in the curriculum. It is important that training experience, wherever it occurs, is carefully planned and structured to maximise the training value and that every placement makes a valuable contribution to the overall training plan. The regulations for Out Of Programme placements are the same, whether they take place in the UK or abroad.

• Out of Programme Experience (OOP) refers to experience gained by registrars outside of their training location. A maximum of one year can count towards the required 48 months of CCT training.

• Registrars considering overseas Out of Programme Experience as part of their CCT training must note that a minimum of 24 months of CCT training must be completed in the UK. Applications for overseas placements are also made via the Out of Programme route. Further information can be found here.


Any secondment to a UK training location that has not been GMC approved or is based overseas. A maximum of 12 months can be counted towards your CCT date.

Until March 2015, all work in a UK recognised placement was recognised towards CCT, but the GMC has confirmed that GMC approval cannot be granted for any work done overseas during a UK GMC approved placement but that individual registrars would need to apply for OOP time to count as time towards training.

  • Registrars going to any UK placement that may involve working overseas (as opposed to going to conferences) for even short periods should be advised to apply to their LETB for OOPT and to the Faculty for recognition of the time towards training before they start in the post, even if they cannot give the exact dates of time to be spent overseas at that point.

  • Not more than three calendar months in total in any six month UK placement should be spent working overseas.

If the GMC have already approved the training location which you are moving into, then further approval is not needed from us. Your home deanery / LETB will be able to find out if the post you are planning on going into has GMC approval. This might also include time out of programme to pursue a special interest which is not part of your training. This duration of time will not count towards the 48 months of your CCT training.

The FPH Education Committee (normally through the Director of Training) must approve any placement prospectively. Registrars with approved applications will be issued an FPH approval letter. This must then be submitted by the deanery / LETB to the GMC as part of the OOP process outlined on their website.

Applications must be submitted by your home deanery/LETB. The Faculty will not accept applications directly from registrars.

For applications to be processed the completed OOP Request Form needs to be submitted.

This form needs to be signed by the TPD, Educational Supervisor and the Registrar. The Post Graduate Dean’s signature is needed for new applications only.

The form also includes a section, Supplementary Information, which will need to be completed if time is to be claimed towards CCT. This will provide the assessor with detailed information on the following points:

1. Programme location;

2. Project details;

3. Programme duration;

4. Arrangements for funding;

5. Arrangements for educational supervision by programme and locally;

6. Learning outcomes (discussed with the Training Programme Director and approved): it is expected that the competencies will be met and will add to training needs as identified by RITA/ARCP panel.

All documents should be submitted fully completed a minimum of three months before the placement begins to ensure the application is assessed in good time.

Once received FPH will examine and assess the application in order to grant approval. FPH approval is granted by official letter which is sent to the Deanery / LETB and Training Programme Director. The Deanery /LETB are responsible for submitting the full application (including all approval documentation) to the GMC for prospective approval.

Approval will not be retrospectively given once the post has started. All of your specialty training must have been prospectively approved by FPH.

If you do not receive approval from us, the time you spend out of programme will not count towards your CCT or CESR (CP). This means your completion of training date will be pushed back.

I would like an extension to my time Out of Programme

If you are already on an Out of Programme placement that has been approved by the Faculty and wish to extend the time, you will need to submit the completed OOP Request Form  including the new dates, details of supplementary information and the Faculty approval letter. Please note no more than 12 months will be awarded for an OOP placement including any extensions.


AUC posts may count towards your CCT or CESR (CP). Where the AUC post is in the same training programme you are enrolled onto, additional prospective approval is not required. If the AUC post is in a different training programme, the usual OOP approval process must be followed to obtain prospective GMC approval.

When you are acting up as a consultant, there will need to be appropriate supervision in place and approval will only be considered if the acting up placement is relevant to gaining the competences, knowledge, skills and behaviours required by the curriculum. AUC posts can only be taken in the final year of specialty training.


OOP also covers career breaks for reasons such as maternity, illness or to pursue an interest not related to PH training. The Faculty will need to be notified with the submission of the Out of Programme Request Form. We will then issue a letter confirm that your records have been updated.