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Number of attempts and validity period of examination passes

From 1 June 2013 the following regulatory changes will take effect regarding The Faculty of Public Health Diplomate (DFPH) and Final Membership examination (MFPH):

  • No candidate will normally be permitted more than six attempts at either DFPH and MFPH without providing evidence of additional educational experience. For DFPH, the attempt limit will apply irrespective of whether a candidate has banked a paper or not.
  • Once the DFPH has been passed, no candidate will be permitted more than seven years to pass the MFPH. The seven-year validity period will be calculated from the date that a candidate passes the DFPH. Should a candidate fail to achieve a MFPH pass within the seven-year limit, they will be required to take the DFPH again.
  • Candidates withdrawing or who are absent from an examination will not have that attempt counted.
  • Any examination pass achieved prior to or while on a break from the training scheme will only be considered valid for CCT as long as the candidate enters or re-enters the training programme within seven years of passing the examination.

Candidates applying for an additional attempt over and above the limit of six will need to complete an additional attempt form and submit this with the standard application form for the seventh or any subsequent attempt at any of the DFPH or MFPH examinations. 

Please download an additional attempt form here.

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