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Applying for the Diplomate Membership Exam 

The examination is open to those who hold either of the following:

  • a university degree
  • equivalent qualifications and/or experience approved by the Education Committee.

Qualifications or experience which are accepted for entry into a Master's level university programme will most likely be approved by the Education Committee for entry into The Faculty of Public Health Diplomate examination (DFPH). It is not necessary to be enrolled on a training course to sit the examination.

Notification to Diplomate exam candidates of changes from March 2023

Diplomate Examination - Formulae sheet

Change in exam dates

Following discussions with the Speciality Registrar Committee, Training Programme Directors and Heads of School about candidate wellbeing, the Diplomate Exam Development Committee has made the decision to separate the exam days by one working day. This decision is supported by the Education Committee. This will take effect from October 2022.

Change in exam fees

From March 2024, the exam fees will be changing. The standard exam fee for DFPH will be £835. Public Health Registrars, Practitioner and International Practitioner members will be eligible for a discount of £125.

The new fees will therefore be £710 for registrars and UK/International practitioner members (of the FPH) and £835 for all other candidates.

Examination date
Opening date
Closing date
Rate for Public Health Registrars, Practitioner and International Practitioner members of the FPH
Rate for all other candidates
Tuesday 5th and Thursday 7th March 2024 4th December 2023 8th January 2024 (5pm) £710  £835
Monday 7th and Wednesday 9th October 2024 3rd July 2024 7th August 2024 (5pm) £710 £835
Monday 3rd and Wednesday 5th March 2025 4th December 2024 8th January 2025 (5pm) £710 £835
Monday 13th and Wednesday 15th October 2025 4th July 2025 13th August 2025 (5pm) £710 £835

Please click here to view the timings of the exam.

Please note closing dates are absolute. Applications received after 17:00 (UK time) on the closing date will not be accepted.

Please click here to apply

Please ensure that you read the exam FAQs before you apply.

Please note that a new set of Exam Regulations have now been published to reflect the change in format of the exam. 

For practical information and policies relating to both exams please see here.

Hong Kong College of Community Medicine (HKCCM) Candidates 

**Please note: There is an additional fee for candidates wishing to sit the examination in Hong Kong who do not have a medical background or are not on a Hong Kong training programme. See here for further information

Additional attempts

Please note that no candidate will normally be permitted more than six attempts at the examination without providing evidence of additional educational experience. Guidance regarding the additional educational experience process can be found on the FPH website in the section dealing with the application process. Candidates applying for their seventh or subsequent sitting will need to submit the additional attempt form in addition to the standard application form. 

Please see further information here

Tax relief for exam fees

The HMRC confirmed in 2015 that they are satisfied that public health registrars employed on a specialty training contract and who pay the MFPH exam fees themselves will qualify for a deduction of the cost of those fees against their earnings from that employment.

Registrars will be able to claim this tax relief either by completing form P87 or through their self-assessment tax return if they meet the criteria for self-assessment. For more information, please visit GOV.UK.

To allow HMRC to handle claims as efficiently as possible, registrars should include a receipt or proof of payment from the Faculty for the MFPH exam. Claims made without a proof of payment may be delayed while HMRC contact the individual to request supportive evidence.

Become a Member

Become a Member

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