About the Faculty of Public Health Specialty Registrars Committee (SRC)

The SRC exists to ensure that registrar views from across the UK are heard throughout the Faculty of Public Health (FPH)

These views may be in relation to a range of areas including FPH policy, national consultations, training (quality and equity), the practice of public health and the maintenance and improvement of population health.

We do this by...

Producing an annual work plan addressing priorities that matter to both registrars and the FPH 

Currently our principle priorities are: improving communication and engagement between the FPH and registrars; improving the membership offer of the FPH to registrars (including a national registrar conference); and improving the quality of the FPH membership exam processes.

Ensuring that registrars are represented at many other FPH committees

These committees cover areas such as:

  • Education (e.g. the Faculty of Public Health Diplomate Examination development group, the Final Membership Examination development group, Curriculum and Assessment committee, e-learning group)

  • Policy (e.g. Health Protection Committee, Health Services Committee, Health Improvement Committee, Academic and Research committee)

  • Workforce (e.g. workforce standing committee, membership committee)

  • Global health

  • Ethics

  • Equality and Diversity

For a full list of FPH committees with SRC representation, see FPH committees and SRC representation.

Networking and sharing good practice between the FPH regions

SRC includes registrars from England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Defence Medical Services as well as reps for Dental public health and unions (currently BMA & Unite). There are typically two representatives (reps) from each region who are elected annually or biannually. In addition, the committee has a chair and two vice-chairs. 

Reps can bring issues and examples of good practice to the SRC for discussion, and then cascade any outcomes back to the regions. Each rep sits on at least one FPH committee in addition to attending the SRC. Alongside this, the SRC is involved in the FPH national conference, new registrar induction and other ad hoc events for registrars. The SRC reports to the education standing committee, which is responsible for approving the SRC work plan and monitoring its progress.

"As an SRC rep I am able to make sure that the registrar perspective is heard on the Health Services Committee. This is important for making sure that training matters such as adequate exposure to healthcare public health placements are prioritised. A registrar voice on current issues affecting the profession is much valued by consultant colleagues. In my general SRC role I can make sure that the views of registrars in my region are actively sought out, and fed in to decision-making by the FPH."

Key information for...

There is a dedicated page on the FPH website with information on careers in public health, latest recruitment information and details of application process.

This section contains dates for SRC meetings - regions across the UK will be hosting an introduction to public health events; details will be published here when finalised.

SRC Meeting dates

Meeting type



12th December 2019


8th January 2020


3rd March 2020


2nd April 2020


3rd June 2020


1st July 2020


Sept/Oct 2020


October 2020


December 2020

Contact us and useful links

Current registrars

  • To share a success, raise an issue or find out more about the SRC, please contact your regional SRC representative

  • Please note that the SRC does not usually intervene on individual issues, but on those that affect the interests of the body of Public Health Specialty Registrars. To help registrars access the SRC effectively, a guidance document has been developed. The document includes other sources of advice and help for registrars.

Prospective registrars

  • If you are a prospective applicant who is thinking about applying for the specialty training programme, please see the recruitment page.