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Specialty Registrars Committee

The Specialty Registrars Committee (SRC) exists to advocate for the interests of all registrars and work collaboratively with the FPH to promote high quality and equitable training across the four nations of the UK. It includes representatives of all regions to ensure the view of registrars are heard irrespective of where they are based, as well as to promote fairness in training opportunities and experiences across the country. 

The aims of the SRC are:

  1. To raise the profile of Public Health training at regional, national and global level
  2. To increase the participation and integration of registrars in all areas of FPH work
  3. To reduce inequalities and promote equity in all aspect of training
  4. To expand training opportunities related to current and future public health challenges
  5. To strengthen partnerships with public health registrars across the globe

The SRC has representatives for the four UK nations as well as for Defence and Dental Public Health registrars. For England, there are representatives for each region: East Midlands, East of England, London, KSS, North East, North West, South West, Thames Valley, Wessex, West Midlands, and Yorkshire and Humber.

In addition to regional representatives, the SRC has a chair and up to three vice-chairs.

Current leadership 

SRC Chair:

Cat Pinho-Gomes is an NIHR Clinical Lecturer at UCL and ST5 registrar in London.

SRC Vice Chairs:

Clare Oliver-Williams is an ST4 registrar in the East of England and co-chair of the Global Violence Prevention SIG.

Pallavi Patel is an ST3 registrar and NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow in the North West.

Sam Tweed is an ST4 registrar in London, currently working for the World Health Organization

The SRC has an annual workplan, which details our priority areas of work in line with our aims and vision. The SRC reports to the education standing committee, which is responsible for approving the SRC workplan and monitoring its progress.

Regional representatives can share issues and examples of good practice with the SRC for discussion. We also welcome registrars to raise issues and send feedback directly to the SRC chair by email:

Become a Member

Become a Member

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