FPH is a registered charity and a joint faculty of the three Royal Colleges of Physicians of the United Kingdom (London, Edinburgh and Glasgow). Its charity number is 263894.

Although it is an integral part of the three colleges, it has its own officers, manages its own affairs through a trustee board and is financially independent.

Standing Orders

The Faculty’s governing document is its Standing Orders  which sets out the functions, objects and procedures within which it must operate.

The objects are defined as:

  1. To promote for the public benefit the advancement of knowledge in the field of public health
  2. To develop public health with a view to maintaining the highest possible standards of professional competence and practice
  3. To act as an authoritative body for the purpose of consultation and advocacy in matters of educational or public interest concerning public health

FPH Strategy 2019-25

The UK Faculty of Public Health Strategy 2019-2025 will outline the ways in which FPH will work to protect and improve the health of the public through the organised efforts of our members.

FPH is currently seeking input from members on our forthcoming five year strategy. Visit this page to see how you can feedback on the strategy.

Setting, monitoring and promoting standards in education and training for public health in the UK through

  • Examinations
  • Appraisal guidance
  • Setting standards for revalidation
  • Approving training placements and assuring quality of training
  • Developing career structures for the new public health workforce
  • Making recommendations for inclusion on the specialist register

Providing professional advice to employers and others on senior public health appointment procedures

  • Advising and setting standards on workforce planning for the specialty of public health
  • Developing the role of the FPH Local Affairs Committees (FLACs)
  • Encouraging the development of public health networks
  • Submitting nominations for consultants' higher awards in the UK
  • Recognising excellence in public health by the award of distinction grades of membership
  • Introduction of Associate status to promote greater communication with a wider public health workforce
  • Continuing professional development

Forging effective partnerships with related organisations to develop and advocate on policies which will improve the public's health

  • Influencing policy by responding to a wide range of consultations
  • Producing evidence-based policy and publications on a range of public health issues to promote knowledge and understanding
  • Sharing good practice and knowledge by organising a range of events, including conferences and workshops
  • Offering a series of electronic network groups to facilitate communication and shared learning
  • Delivering a programme of communications to disseminate information including through ebulletins, FPH's website and quarterly magazine
  • Developing international public health links