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Health of Women and Girls

The Health of Women and Girls Special Interest Group (SIG) was established in 2023 to bring together Faculty of Public Health (FPH) members and wider professionals who have a keen interest in women’s health. We will take a life-course approach to women’s and girls' health and prioritise work to tackle inequalities in women and girls' health.

We will contribute to the FPH’s focus areas for 2022-2025 and deliver our aims through: 
  • Working towards a clear business plan based on FPH members and women’s health professional priorities, and evidence of the most important women's and girls' health issues in the UK.
  • Developing partnerships through collaboration and sharing of experience and knowledge with partners (including the Sexual and Reproductive Health SIG), wider stakeholder networks and allied health organisations.
  • Championing women’s health and equity in all policy. This will include coordinating FPH responses to government and professional consultations, and identifying, promoting and collaborating on new priority areas for policy and advocacy in women’s health.   
  • Promoting evidence informed public health through providing an expert resource for members and identifying and sharing research ideas and opportunities in women’s health, thus supporting equitable access to opportunities for members. 
  • Focusing on capacity building for women’s public health
  • Measuring our progress through process outputs, including an annual report of activity to the FPH board and regular briefings for members. 

Figure reproduced from: Policy paper: Women’s Health Strategy, August 2022, published: 

The SIG's workplan for 2024 will be uploaded in due course.

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The Health of Women and Girls SIG reports to the Faculty’s Health Services Committee

The SIG is co-chaired by:  

  • Rebecca Best (SpR)
  • Marian Knight (Professor) 
  • Sophie Maule (SpR) 
  • Nicola Vousden (SpR) 

We are keen to welcome members who have a passion for women’s health or want to gain a better understanding. If you are interested in joining the SIG, we would love to hear from you. Please see here for details on how to join a SIG. If you have any queries, email us at: 

Please note, to join any SIG you are required to be a member of the Faculty of Public Health.

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