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Completion of training

Upon successful completion of training you will be eligible for registration as a specialist on one of the Specialist Registers and eligible to apply for consultant and Director of Public Health posts in the UK.

FPH recommends the award of CCT to the GMC or the UKPHR when the final assessment forms- ARCP outcome 6 and the Completion of Training have been received and reviewed to ensure all CCT criteria have been met.

Registrars from a medical background are recommended to the General Medical Council (GMC) for inclusion on the Specialist Register, while those from other disciplines are recommended for registration with the UK Public Health Register (UKPHR).

For further information on the CCT process and preparing for the transition to consultant roles please refer to:

1. "Transition from Specialty Training to becoming a Public Health Consultant: A Guide to Finishing Training"

2. Guidance for registrars preparing for the transition to consultant roles: maximising the opportunities during  training

Important: Registrars should review their CCT paperwork ( ARCP forms and Completion of Training form) before submission to FPH to ensure that all requirements described are met and that the information captured on the Completion of Training form matches the information on the ARCP forms. Discrepancies in the forms can lead to significant delays in the processing of CCT requests.

Once completed CCT paperwork has been received by the Faculty, it can take up to 4 weeks to process the paperwork. On approval of CCT from the Faculty, a recommendation is sent to the GMC /UKPHR. Registrars will need to apply/pay fees to the GMC/UKPHR to get included onto their Specialist register. The processing time at GMC /UKPHR varies. We would therefore recommend that the CCT paperwork is sent to the Faculty 6-8 weeks before the CCT date to allow sufficient time for processing.

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