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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the new 2022 Curriculum come into effect?

Registrars should begin using the 2022 Curriculum from August 2022. All Registrars should be using the curriculum by February 2022.

I’m confused as to when I need to do with my Learning Outcomes. When do I need to discuss with my Educational Supervisor?

Below lists what to do in each situation in order to manage transition:

  • Fully signed off newly merged LO ( 1.1, 8.5. 10.2) and not signed off obsolete LO ( eg 1.3, 8.3 10.4) discuss with ES to ensure evidence uploaded still signs off the merged LO.
  • Fully signed off merged LO AND fully signed off Obsolete Learning Outcomes ( eg 1.1 AND 1.3) No action required.
  • Fully Signed off newly merged Learning Outcome  with Partially signed off obsolete Learning Outcome. Discuss with Educational Supervisor what further evidence is needed if any.

The Learning Outcomes I have fully/partially signed off have been made Obsolete. Do I need to take further action?

No further action is needed but you may wish to discuss with your Educational Supervisor if the evidence for these can be applied to other Learning Outcomes in particular the newly merged LO

I’m on Out Of Programme at the moment, when do I need to transition to the 2022 Curriculum?

The deadline for transition to the new curriculum is February 2023. When you come back into programme you should ensure that you have a conversation with your Educational Supervisor regarding the transition process around the 4 Learning Outcomes which have been merged or made obsolete.

For Registrars on Maternity Leave, when should they transfer to the 2022 Curriculum?

They should transfer when they return to training.

For Registrars who has signed off all Learning Outcomes but do not CCT for an extended period, should they transfer to the 2022 Curriculum?

Registrars should discuss with their Training Programme Directors, who will have the discretion as to whether they should transfer.

For new Registrars starting in August 2022, will access to the ePortfolio be delayed for them until the updated system is ready or will they gain access to the current version?

New Registrars will be given access to the current version of the ePortfolio straight away.

I have 2015 Learning Outcomes which have previously been signed off and now merged with 2022 Learning Outcomes, which has not been fully signed off. How can these be signed off?

You should have the discussion with your Educational Supervisor as to whether these 2022 Learning Outcomes can be signed off with the previous evidence. If so, you will need to associate the evidence with the Learning Outcome via an approved Activity Summary Sheet.

Where trainees have already signed off some of the now-obsolete LOs, how will this evidence be reflected in completion of the Learning Outcomes, into which they have been merged?

The evidence used in the signing off an obsolete Learning Outcome can be used for another Learning Outcome. However you will need to request the Education & Training team unlock and return the Activity (To which the Evidence is linked), so that the new Learning Outcome can be associated to this. You will then need to submit for sign off to the Activity Supervisor.

Have the requirements for signing off Health Protection On-Call changed?

No, the requirements for On-Call LO (6.9) hasn’t changed, this typically takes place during /at the end of ST5, however there will be training programme/health protection  discretion as to when this appropriate.

I am about CCT, do I have to get move to the new 2022 curriculum and get the new Learning outcomes signed off?

This should be discussed with your Educational Supervisor and Training Programme Director and will be at their discretion as to whether you transfer to the 2022 Curriculum.

How do you ensure evidence regarding safe Guarding & duty of candour is present?

These could be found in KA4 (duty of candour) and KA9 (Safe guarding) however it will be regional training programme discretion as to how this is presented.

Why doesn’t the ePortfolio reflect the 2022 Curriculum?

The ePortfolio will be updated to reflect the new curriculum in Autumn 2022. The Faculty will notify in good time all users as to when the updates are to be made.

I am not sure if I need to action any Learning Outcomes following the implementation of the 2022 Curriculum

If you are not sure if you need to action any learning outcomes following the introduction of the 2022 Curriculum please refer to the table below.

Obsolete Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcome to which it was merged

Newly Merged Learning Outcome

Full sign off previously 

Full sign off previously 

No further action – the newly merged LO is fully signed off.

Full sign off previously 

Partial/minimal sign off previously 

Discuss the uploaded evidence for the obsolete LO with current ES and see if this can contribute to newly merged LO. If so this should be associated with the new LO via an Activity Summary sheet.

Partial/minimal sign off previously

Full sign off previously 

Discuss the uploaded evidence for the obsolete LO with current ES and see if can contribute to newly merged LO. If so this should be associated with the new LO via an Activity Summary sheet.

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