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Portfolio Pathways to Registration

GMC Portfolio Pathway (previously known as CESR):

This pathway is for doctors who haven’t completed a GMC approved programme of training. From 30th November 2023 there will be a change to the evidence doctors need to provide when they’re applying for specialist or GP registration. Please note that this route is only open to doctors.

Doctors applying for specialist or GP registration via the portfolio pathway, now need to provide evidence that they have the knowledge, skills and experience required to practise as a specialist or GP in the UK. This pathway was previously known as the CESR or CEGPR pathway

Information on these changes is available here

The Public Health Specialty Guidance to reflect the change to knowledge, skills and experience and the subsequent evidential and structural requirements is available here. Applicants must familiarise themselves of these requirements.


GMC Portfolio Pathway Assessors

If you are interested in becoming a Assessor for the Faculty, please click here for further information.

UKPHR Specialist Registration by Portfolio Assessment

For those who come from a non-medical background please refer to the UKPHR Specialist Registration by Portfolio Assessment here.

Please note that this process is overseen by UK Public Health Register. Please send your queries to UKPHR.

Combined Programme (CP)

Some trainees wish to join an approved specialist training programme having previously undertaken training or gained experience in posts that weren’t prospectively approved by the GMC. The combined programme provides a pathway through which this previous experience can be recognised and lead to less than the indicative training time spent in an approved programme. Please note that applicants from both medical and non-medical background can apply for CP.

Please see the Faculty’s guidance including the eligibility criteria on Combined Programme.

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Become a Member

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