The Exam Board

The examination board sits after every examination sitting. It is chaired by the Chair of the Examiners and also has an External Educational advisor. The board reviews the exam marks and ratifies them. It also reviews feedback provided by the examiners and candidates at the sitting to assess if any immediate action is needed.

The Development Committee

Oversight of the membership examination is provided through the Development Committee, which sits quarterly. It is chaired by the Chair of Examiners and has representation from Faculty Officers, the registrar committee, devolved administrations, examiners involved in the delivery of the examination and an external Educational Advisor. It reviews all aspects of the examination including question development, support to examiners and candidates, examination delivery and governance issues as declared by the Faculty.


Candidates who wish to appeal against their examination results should consult the Appeal Procedures and associated guidance. A formal written appeal against examination results must be received by the Chief Executive of the Faculty within one calendar month of the date of dispatch of the results.



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