The day of the exam

Prior to the exam, registered candidates will receive detailed guidance regarding the exam process and they must have agreed to the exam regulations. Exam Regulations can be found here.

The structure of the day

There will be both a morning and an afternoon sitting of the exam. Please note it is vital candidates are ready to sit the exam at the designated time, otherwise the attempt will be invalid.


08:45 / 12:45

Candidates log into Zoom for registration and ID checks

09:00 / 13:00

All candidates signed in and registering

09:10 / 13:10

Candidate briefing on Zoom and 5 minute Q & A with the Logistics Lead

09:25 / 13:25

End of candidate briefing and candidates log out of Zoom

09:30 / 13:30

All candidates log into the examination platform (Practique)

10:00 / 14:00

Exam commences

12:30 / 16:30

End of exam. Candidates log out of Practique when instructed to do so

12:30 / 16:30

Re-runs of exam stations if required/possible

Candidate registration, ID check and briefing

The first activity on the day of the exam will be the candidate registration, ID check and briefing, which will be undertaken on Zoom. Suitable identification documents must be original, current and bear a photograph and are listed below:

  • Passport
  • UK immigration and Nationality Department identification document
  • Home Office travel document
  • UK driving licence
  • EU identity card
  • National identity card (or Hong Kong Identify Card for Hong Kong candidates)

If the name on the identification document is different from that on the confirmation from the Faculty offering a place in the examination, original evidence must be provided in good time that the candidate is the person named in that letter. The Faculty will accept:

  • Marriage or Civil Partnership certificate;
  • A declaration from the awarding body which granted the primary medical qualification, stating that both names relate to the candidate; or
  • Confirmation of name change by enrolled deed poll

If candidates cannot provide one of the documents listed above, or if the document does not bear a photograph, they will not be allowed to take the examination. The examination fee will not be refundable under these circumstances. If candidates are unable to provide the appropriate ID, please contact

Further details about how and when to provide identification can be found in the candidate pack.

Starting the exam

On logging into Practique, each candidate will be in a virtual ‘meeting room’. An invigilator will ask the candidate to show their identification and to scan the room with their camera to ensure exam security.

There are two cohorts in each sitting of the exam, with up to a maximum of six candidates in each. On commencement of the exam, the first cohort will start in a preparation station, from which they will begin the exam. The second cohort will wait in an examination station until the first cohort have completed their preparation station. At this point, the second cohort will then enter the vacated preparation stations to begin their exam. During the time the second cohort are waiting in the examination stations, they will not have access to exam materials.

The role of the Invigilator

Invigilators will be in attendance in both the preparation and examination stations and will be able to see and hear candidates. Candidates will be able to hear invigilators but will not be able to see them. The role of the invigilator is to:

  • Ensure candidates are in the correct stations at the correct time
  • Announce the timings of the station
  • Monitor candidates to ensure regulations are being adhered to
  • Manage disruptions and answer queries

Candidates must act on the instruction of invigilators only.  

Completing the exam

Once the exam is in progress, candidates will rotate around six preparation and six examination stations, with each of these stations being eight minutes in duration. Between all stations, there will be a short gap (usually one minute) to facilitate the transition of candidates.

E.g. (Exam begins) preparation station 1 -> examination station 1 -> preparation station 2 -> examination station 2 - -> preparation station 3 -> examination station 3 -> preparation station 4 -> examination station 4 -> preparation station 5 -> examination station 5 -> preparation station 6 -> examination station 6 (Exam ends)

Preparation Station

After entering a preparation station, the candidate must wait until the invigilator has informed them that the station has begun. At this point, the candidate may then access the candidate instructions on their screen. The invigilator will subsequently inform the candidate when there is one minute of preparation time remaining, as well as when the station has finished. The candidate will then be informed when they can move to the examination station.

Examination Station

At the start of the station, the invigilator will inform the candidate that the station has begun and ask them to confirm their identity. On entering the examination station, the candidate instructions will be inaccessible to the candidate until they are connected to the Invigilator, Examiner and Role Player.

In the station the candidate will be visible and audible to the Invigilator, Examiner and Role Player. However, while the candidate will be able to see and hear the Role Player, in order to minimise distractions, they will not be able to see or hear the Examiner or Invigilator.

The candidate will be informed when they have one minute remaining and when the station has ended. At the end of the station, the invigilator will inform the candidate when they can move to the next station.

Leaving the examination sitting

The candidate will be permitted to use the bathroom between the end of the briefing session and the start of the exam itself. They must ensure they are logged into the system by the instructed time. Candidates should remain on screen at all times. The Faculty discourage use of the bathroom during the exam itself, however if necessary, please use the preparation time. The candidate will need to notify the invigilator they are connected to and this will be recorded in their report. No extra time will be given. No breaks will be permitted in the examination.

Internet connectivity problems

If a candidate’s internet connection fails for less than four minutes during a preparation station and they are able to reconnect, they should inform the invigilator this has happened. The invigilator will record this as part of their report. On entering the relevant examination station, the candidate should also inform the examiner of the loss of connectivity.

If a candidate’s internet connection fails for less than four minutes during the examination station, the examiner will record this as part of their report. No additional time will be granted to the candidate.

If a candidate’s internet connection fails for more than four minutes during a preparation station or examination station, the candidate may be offered a re-run (details below) or if this isn’t possible the remaining five stations will constitute the final marks. Should the issue affect more than one station, the exam attempt may be voided.

Re-runs of examination stations

At the end of each exam session, a re-run of a station is possible. This may be conducted if there has been a loss of internet connection:

  • for more than four minutes at one or more examination station affecting the candidate, role player or examiner
  • for more than four minutes at one or more preparation stations affecting the candidate or invigilator

Please note the final decision whether a re-run will go ahead lies with the Chief Officer of the sitting.

Recording of the exam

Examinations may be recorded for training purposes and exam security.



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