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Resources on Climate Change and Health

Climate change has been described as the greatest threat to global health. It is therefore crucial for all public health practitioners to be aware of the range of impacts on health and of the actions that the public health community can take in climate mitigation and adaptation.

Addressing climate change and health is core business for all those working in public health. These resources aim to support all those working in public health by providing a range of information on sustainable development and climate change.

The FPH Climate and Health Strategy was published in December 2021 and provides a clear vision for the role of the Faculty in climate mitigation and adaptation. It also articulates the ways that action on climate is also beneficial for public health and outlines the roles of FPH members in this work.

Read the FPH Climate and Health strategy
Read here

The below resources have been written by: Stuart Aldridge, Kristin Bash, Isobel Braithwaite, Anna Brook, Katie Clare, Amanda Donnelly, Karen Exley, Jenny Griffiths, Simon Hailstone, Dawn Jenkin, Anna Jones, Owen Landeg, Karen Lau, Helen Macintyre, Angelique Mavrodaris, Alice Munro, Yannish Naik, Emer O’Connell, Jo Parry, Revati Phalkey, Helen Ross, John Thornes, Jeremy Wight and Sarah Woodhall.

These resources are provided in four main sections: 

  1. Summary resources providing a concise summary of key topics
  2. Library of external resources
  3. Case studies providing examples of public health work undertaken by FPH members
  4. Advocacy work by FPH members

1. Summary resources

These resources, which have been written by FPH members, provide a two-page concise summary of a major topic relating to climate change and health, with references and signposts to more detailed information. 

They cover both “knowledge” and “action” and explain the relationships between the work of public health professionals, climate change, and health. CPD questions are included at the end of each resource. Where appropriate, answers can be found in the PDF “CPD Model Answers”.

Model answers to CPD questions
Download here

2. Library of external resources

This section consists of links to external sites and resources relating to a range of topics that are relevant to action on climate change, air pollution and health. This is a rapidly changing field and the rationale for this section is to signpost readers to external information from credible sources that will support their work in this area. These are key policy documents relating to national or international aspects of climate and health, and resources providing a comprehensive summary of the evidence to date.

Access the library of external resources here.

3. Case studies

This section of the resources aims to showcase examples of public health action to tackle climate change and air pollution across a diverse range of areas. It aims to build a bank of public health case studies of action on climate change which can then help to motivate and guide others who are considering embarking on similar projects. 

If you have been involved with a relevant piece of work on any scale and on any theme or setting - please consider submitting your case study. You can do this by clicking on the link below which will open a template form for you to complete. This does not have to be a piece of work that you would necessarily consider submitting for publication but one that you think could be useful to share for others to learn from. 

Link for case study template here.

Once you have completed this form by providing content in the template, please forward this document to email This case study will be reviewed by the team before being added to the case study library. Please ensure that you include contact information so that you can be contacted for more detail if needed.

Feedback on these resources

These resources will be further added to and developed over time. If you have any suggestions or any feedback, please do contact:

4. Advocacy work by FPH members

In 2021, the Faculty of Public Health (FPH) published its first Climate and Health Strategy (2021-25) with advocacy as one of the core priorities. This section provides resources developed to support members in undertaking advocacy work. The resources in this section have been developed by Anna Brook, Emily Loud, and Iona Lyell with contributions from other members of the advocacy working group and SIG. 

Additional resources

FPH Climate and Health Conference 2023 resources

In June 2023, the Faculty co-hosted the Climate & Health Conference on the theme of climate adaptation in the UK. Links to the presentations, as well as the event recording can be found below.

  • The event recording can be viewed on the FPH YouTube channel here.
  • 'Adapting to a Warming World' by Baroness Brown - view slides here.
  • 'Adapting to extreme events and the role of the Adverse Weather and Health Plan' by Agostinho Sousa - view slides here. 
  • 'Assessing progress in adapting to climate change - Northern Ireland 2023' by Stephen Jones - view slides here.
  • 'The Met Office and our Changing Climate' by John Hammond - view slides here.
  • 'The “physiological” need to adapt' by Mr Andrew Mackenzie and Professor Mike Tipton - view slides here.
  • Abstract presentations - view slides here.
  • Further resources relevant to the topics discussed at the conference are available here.
FPH Climate and Health Conference 2022 resources

In September 2022, the Faculty hosted an international Climate and Health Conference to support our action on climate change, and to bring together public health professionals from across the UK and overseas to discuss matters related to climate change, environmental protection, and sustainability.

Access the resources and recordings from the conference below.

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